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Increasing Price to improve Gross Profit

The easiest way to increase your Gross Profit per Sale is to simply increase your prices. The lovely part of this strategy is that the increase in price goes straight to the bottom line. A mere 10% increase in prices will double the net profit of most businesses. Many businesses don’t want to increase their prices […]

Is your Small Business suffering growing pains?

Don’t have time to scratch yourself? Flat out “Like a Lizard Drinking?”  Has your previous exponential growth rate has slowed to a crawl? If so, then it’s likely your business is experiencing growing pains. Chances are you are working longer hours than any of your staff, and are the last to get paid. Your business […]

What you should expect from your Bookkeeper

While your Tax Accountant keeps their eye on the “big Picture,” your Bookkeeper should know exactly where you stand financially today.  A good bookkeeper will be a huge asset to your business because they have the knowledge and experience on how to accurately manage your business’s financial records. They can also provide insight into potential financial […]

The Traps of Rapidly Growing your Small Business

For those of us running a small business, growth is definitely a good thing. It is usually validation that we are doing a good job, and on track, and spurs us on to keep at it. The issue comes when your growth, particularly fast growth, gets in the way of running your business the right way. […]

Gold Coast Business Consultants with a difference

Not the typical Gold Coast Business Consultants… It is a common perception that Business Consultants exist by ‘charging a lot of money to tell you things you already know’.  The Australian Business Clinic is a group of Gold Coast Business Consultants that is determined to break this mold. The Australian Business Clinic is not your typical business consultancy.  For […]