Business Advisory Services to bring Gold Coast businesses back to health…

Gold Coast business advisory services
The AUSTRALIAN BUSINESS CLINIC, a recently established business consultancy
offering business advisory services to small businesses on the Gold Coast, has immediately proven its worth to several businesses in the region.
Within days of the well attended launch at their Hope Island office, a number of small and medium sized companies have sought advice in the hope of improving the efficiency and profitability of their enterprises which represent the retail, service and manufacturing sectors.

Managing director Garry Godfrey, said he has not been surprised by the attention his new small business advisory company has received, being that local business is finding it increasingly difficult to meet expectations as costs continue to increase and the outlook for the new financial year seems even bleaker than 2013. He added that it need not be quite as daunting as one might imagine as long as proven and acceptable business principles are strictly adhered to.

“For any sized business, constant attention to detail is the first rule of management in difficult times. A constant watch on sales, operating expenses, debtors and cash flow is vital. The timely payment of creditors and statutory responsibilities is where most businesses under pressure experience the first signs of failure” Godfrey said.

According to Godfrey, following a full operational analysis, Australian Business Clinic will introduce controls to be strictly managed on a daily basis. They will also install their own system which will allow key personnel of the business to be aware of, and understand, their financial situation on an almost daily basis instead of waiting for the results to become obvious perhaps when it is too late for any remedial action to be taken.

“If the principal of a business is willing to commit to our management formula, the opportunity for vastly improved results is increased dramatically.” Godfrey claims. “It is not rocket science, it is simply based on sound business practice which is often not understood or committed to by those responsible for returning a profit on their investment.”

Australian Business Clinic gives practical and cost effective help to any business which is not performing to expectations in the current climate.

Another aspect of their business advisory philosophy is the recognition that personal stress will almost certainly become a factor for the principals of an under-performing business. Unless that stress is relieved then some level of ill health and lack of general well-being will soon become obvious to add further to the already existing difficulties.

Garry Godfrey added “By improving results via a new positive management attitude that stress will soon be replaced with renewed determination to succeed.”

To learn more about the Small Business Advisory services that the Australian Business Clinic offer visit their website: or contact them on 07 5528 8029.