Case Study – Bus Company

The Business

A Gold Coast bus company specialising in the tourist industry.

The company had agreements with several managed holiday properties on the coast and were contracted to pick up clients from the airports and deliver them to their accommodation.

Separately the company held another contract for the collection of students for travel to a major Gold Coast college and return to their pick up point in the afternoon.

The Problem

The business was trading at a substantial loss.

The Solution

Over a  three month period, the Australian Business Clinic reviewed the business in depth, and recommended:

  • The reduction of staff
  • The sale of several vehicles which were underutilised
  • The purchase of one new vehicle to replace older inefficient vehicles

As part of the implementation of this plan, we:

  • helped arrange finance for the purchase of the new vehicle
  • made arrangements with creditors for a payment plan which was accepted.

When the business was finally under control, we recommended that the holiday transport part of the business be sold and that the college student business be retained by the owner as a means for he and his wife to continue with a modest but regular income.

The Outcome

The owner and his wife are now living a far less stressful life with a satisfactory income.