Case Study – Real Estate Agency

The Business

A well established Brisbane based real estate agency.

Australian Business Clinic was engaged to review the complete business operation including sales, financials, and personnel.

The Problem

Following an in-depth review of the business from a number of viewpoints it became obvious that the most serious problem was with the Principal and owner of the business.

Although this person was well experienced in the selling of properties, it was very obvious that the principal severely lacked the skills required to manage the various employee personalities.

There were several glaring examples of lack of direction given to staff, a lack of meaningful communication with staff and a genuine inability to delegate efficiently. Staff were undisciplined.

As a consequence, staff were not working to any pre-determined standard resulting in the principal getting less than satisfactory results from several aspects of the staff functions.

The Solution

The rent roll manager was dismissed and a set of guidelines put into place which are now followed without question and a regular weekly meeting with an agenda and a time limit on commitments was agreed.

The Outcome

  • staff respect improved with clear directions
  • the progress of functions was checked, and any necessary further action was taken to complete an agreed staff function.

The business is now running profitably with increased sales and a well-managed staff group.

Our management guide titled “Management as a Craft”  became the focus of a new and rewarding management style for this business owner.