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Not the typical Gold Coast Business Consultants

It is a common perception that Business Consultants exist by ‘charging a lot of money to tell you things you already know’.  The Australian Business Clinic is a group of Gold Coast Business Consultants that is determined to break this mold.

The Australian Business Clinic is not your typical business consultancy.  For one, you won’t see any over-polished sales presentations containing consultant jargon or three letter acronyms.

What you will see though is practical advice that will make a difference to your business.   The consultants at the Australian Business Clinic keep it real and stay focused on improving your business performance.  You can expect real value for money and a tangible outcome when you engage their services.

In addition, the Australian Business Clinic understand small business.  The services they provide to help your business maximise profit will outweigh the cost of engaging their services.  Their fees are realistic and affordable for small business.

Garry Godfrey, Managing Director of the Australian Business Clinic, says “We focus on the fundamentals of business management and review all aspects of a small business.  Sometimes it simply takes a fresh set of eyes to identify obvious opportunities.  Other times, it requires much deeper analysis of the business to uncover blockages or scope for improvement”.

Godfrey goes on to explain “We don’t just do up a glossy report and move on.  We are committed to helping the business implement the recommendations so that they see real improvement on their bottom line.”

For a free initial consultation with this Gold Coast Business Consultancy, to see for yourself that they are not the stereo-types business consultancy, contact Garry Godfrey on ph:  5528 8029.

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