Business Structuring Advice

Small businesses evolve.  Reviewing your organisational structure on a regular basis helps ensure you continue to be set up for optimal growth well into the future.

The right organisational structure increases operational efficiency, boosts productivity and reduces salary costs as a percentage of income.

When is the right time for a review of your business structure?

  1. Do you feel out of control? Perhaps your business has experienced rapid growth, you have lots of new clients and work, but you and your team are feeling a little out of control with all the growth?
  2. Are mistakes occurring more frequently?
  3. Is there uncertainty in your organisation about how to get things done? You seem to be the only one who knows how everything is meant to be done?
  4. Are you working long hours, and unable to take a break from work?

If you answered ‘YES’ to any of these questions...

then it is probably time for a review of your business structure.

We are highly skilled in providing advice on Business Structuring

The Australian Business Clinic provides business structuring advice, and can work with you to design business structure that will enable you and your teams to perform to potential.

Our team has many years of experience at senior management and board level, has strong business and strategic planning skills and much experience in assisting businesses of all sizes to develop robust and effective plans for the future.

Call us for advice on the best organisation structure for your business