Business Due Diligence

Are you looking to buy an existing business, or start up a new business?

Anyone who is contemplating business investment requires proper due diligence to be performed prior to parting with their hard earned cash.

Sometimes it pays to have an independent set of eyes assess the business you are interested in purchasing or review your start-up business plan – before you make any financial commitment.

Our Business Due Diligence Service

The Australian Business Clinic provides detailed analysis and business Due Diligence reports to help you decide on the viability of starting a new business, or buying a current one.  We act as an independent set of eyes.

We provide customised Due Diligence services according to the needs of your business, including:

    • Full financial review including the price
    • A Due Diligence report with opportunities as well as areas of risk and concern
    • Advice on the best structure before and after the purchase of the business

The importance of an experienced Due Diligence Consultant

Purchasing a business or an interest in a going concern can be one of the biggest decisions you make.

Never let your emotions take control of the homework process – utilise an experience due diligence consultant to minimise any risk.

Call us today if you’d like an independent assessment of your new business plan or an evaluation of a business that you are thinking about acquiring.